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Welcome to Legend of Bleach, a browser based role playing (Shinigami) game, based on Seth Able's Legend of the Red Dragon.
The current time in 瀞霊廷 - Seireitei is 4:42 pm.
Next new game day in: 2h, 25m, 44s (real time)

Technical Admin & Server Owner
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Moderator & GameMaster
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The current Battle Arena Leader in 瀞霊廷 - Seireitei is: Yutaka Harumi.

Today's weather is expected to be cool with blue skies.

The most decorated Shinigami is: Academy Student Krypleria
The soul with most cash is: YamadaHanatarou
The soul with most gems at hand is: Yutaka Hiromasa

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8h days i.e. 3 new days per real day.

Game server running version: 1.2.5 +nb Edition
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